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Foreign language learners require to be continuously in contact with the target culture and frequently read or listen in the language they are learning. When it comes to pronunciation, however, it is not usually enough to read books and listen to music in order to improve these abilities. Learners must constantly practice speaking as nicely. Poor pronunciation or other errors associated to speaking can trigger misunderstandings. English learners should especially be cautious about this because this is a global language and has so many varieties.

Here are some of the important tasks for you to improve your English pronunciation:


To maintain the get in touch with with English language outdoors the classroom walls, ESL/EFL learners should use resources in English as frequently as feasible. Virtual spaces are particularly convenient for practicing English pronunciation, as they provide plenty of listening, reading and practicing resources. Youtube is a great starting point for practicing listening abilities. Besides listening to music, here you can find a lot of news, broadcasts, interviews and other videos that might be fascinating to you, and at the exact same time assist you practice listening.


Many ESL/EFL teachers advice their students to read English texts out loud. This way you get used to your personal voice in English and get more comfortable with speaking. If you are aware that regardless of your hard work you still do not sound like an English speaker, you should find somebody to assist you and point to the mistakes you make. This should be either a close buddy or a family member - someone you'd be comfy with.


Recording your own speech might be the best possible factor you could do for enhancing your speaking skills. Many people record themselves in order to enhance their intonation even in their native tongues. The main benefit is that you could do it by yourself and no one ever requirements to hear you practicing. It allows you to get an insight into how you really sound in English and self-asses your own mistakes. Following you feel your abilities are expanding better, you'd really feel much more comfy speaking in front of other people as nicely.

Talk, talk, talk

Talking in English is by far the most effective physical exercise you could do to improve your pronunciation and language abilities. It is essential that you overcome the worry of expressing yourself in English, because if you are not confident about yourself it is not possible for you to advance. This is the most important, yet most likely the hardest task when it comes to language learning. Even though it might seem exceptionally difficult, it is usually possible to learn it.

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